Promises made, promises kept! Vote YES to renew the parks millage on Tuesday, Nov. 5!

2013 Parks Millage a huge success

To date, the millage has generated over $20 million for park repairs, pool operations and park improvements. The City has also leveraged over 55 different public and private partnerships to generate $16 million in additional grants and more than 20,000 volunteer hours.

Investment across
our city!

By the time the 2013 millage expires next year, it will have supported redevelopment projects, improved maintenance and necessary repairs in all of the City’s parks. The City has also tackled larger, signature projects that benefit the whole region, including the Huff Park Boardwalk and the Bike Park.

Pools and Splash Pads
are back!

After a decade of uncertainty and closed pools, the Parks Millage kept the 3 City pools open and funded 13 new splash pads across the city.

Here are just a few Parks Millage successes stories!

Move the slider over the images to see before and after!

Mooney Park


Huff Park



Aberdeen Park

Roosevelt Park

Highland Park Splash Pad

Huff Park Playground

Ottawa Hills Playground

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