Endorsements for the Parks, Pools and Playgrounds proposal

Elected Representatives

Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss

Grand Rapids Commissioner Joe Jones

Grand Rapids Commissioner Ruth Kelly

Grand Rapids Commissioner Nathanial Moody

Grand Rapids Commissioner John O’Connor

Grand Rapids Commissioner Kurt Reppart

Kent County Commissioner Stephen Wooden


Community Members

Stephanie Adams

Char Amberger and Jerry Meyer

Gretchen Brockman

Julio Cano

Javier Cervantes

Maria Cervantes

Shannon and Ethan Cunningham

Marta Johnson

Dotti Clune

Maxwell Dillivan

Kathrine Downes Lewis

Laura Dudley

Steve Faber and Lizzie Williams

Anel Guel

Alexandria Hamilton

Jonathan Helder

John Helmholdt

Andy Guy

Johannah Jelks

Margo Johnson

Matt Kavaluskis

Bill Kirk

Ericka and Greg Lazano-Buhl

Vince Lambert

Michael and Jamie Lomonaco

Ted Lott

Josh Leffingwell and Alissa Lane

Jolinda Lucas


Rob McCarty

Nathanial Mehmed

Jason Meyer

Ken Miguel-Cipriano

Nick Monoyios

Traci Montgomery

Eleanor Moreno

Mark Miller

Lee Mueller

Ben Oliver

Kelli-Jo Peltier

Christopher Reader

Magdalena Rivera

Dora Castro Ramos

Chris Sain Jr

Brittany Schlachter

Kris Spaulding

Ruth Stein

Eddie Tadlock

Dan Vainner

Jamie Vaughan

Ryan Waalkes

Lynee and Dan Wells

Milinda Ysasi


Community Organizations

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

East Hills Council of Neighbors

Eastown Community Association

West Grand Neighborhood Association

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